Who are Trump?

Trump is merely a magnet running over the debris of American politics.

The piles of ideological detritus that dot the political landscape of the country make claims of political identity that seem often improvable and have been for a long time. For instance, identity politics of various shades dresses itself in progressivism while libertarianism claims for itself a place in the bosom of conservatism.

Of course, these claims are to be mistrusted but, by and large, the denunciation of the usurpation of political identity is not enough to disabuse these impostors. But then, there was Trump.

The magnetic field generated by the cult of imbecility reveals much about the content of these piles of  intellectual refuse. Trump’s reactionary nationalism–if not his true self at least the tales he tells– attracts aspirations made of the same material which in the course of this American political swan song,  attach to him.

Its not David Duke that shows us what Trump is made of. It is the allegiance of AIPAC to Trump that shows what AIPAC is. It is the support of Farrakhan that shows unmistakeably what Nation of Islam actually is and has always been. Trump is not the problem, Trump is the symptom of an intellectual infirmity that runs deep within the fibres of a country that has become the beacon of reactionary populism to the world.

We should all feel deeply grateful to this man who is nothing more and nothing less that  a political spectrometer.

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