Apparently Falling on the Sword

Liquidating ‘News of the World’ seems more and more like a savvy incidence of sacrificing a limb to save the body – or, maybe in a more reptilian vein – sacrificing the tail to grow a new one. Ceasing publication of a 160 year old newspaper cannot simply be an altruistic, penitential gesture. It’ll be […]

Murdoch’s Ms. Brooks Will Investigate Herself

Its hard to say if this is cynism or mere stupidity but the proposition that the internal investigation at New of The World will be conducted by the presumptive culprit seems a direct affront to any sense of public decency and deference to the intelligence of the British public. The abuse of public trust by […]

Rupert Murdoch: Capo di tutti capi.

As evidence mounts against the surveillance operations of Murdoch’s British organization, the UK government has been forced to call for an investigation. In light of new evidence about the methods and practices within News of the World which could yield criminal convictions even among the top management of the Tabloid one would imagine the UK […]