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David Brooks Individual Responsibility to Individual Rights

So you may still have some faint memory of David Brooks who we have accused of being an ignoramus and who once upon a time looked like a timid conservative with a uncontrollable bladder. This conservative–kosher enough for liberal consumption–who dabbled recently in moral psychology , philosophical ethics and macroeconomics has now decided to try his hand at […]

Netanyahu Goes to the UN

In an attempt to stop the Palestinian bid, Netanyahu is heading to NY to deliver the speech the same day that Abbas is expected to ask the body for state recognition. Apparently his plan consists in telling the truth to anyone who will listen. This comes after the Mr. Lieberman threatened any attempt for state […]

Paul Krugman’s Shame and Mine

Reading Paul Krugman‘s piece about 9-11 one merely gets the sense that this kind of statement in a major paper is long overdue. As unfashionable as it was to think it, let alone say it, it could escape nobody’s attention that the career of Bill O’Reilly, Michelle Malkin, the Fox mob and many of the […]

The God of the Week

It seems that a supercomputer fed with 100 million local media articles was capable of predicting (post factum) world events. Here is the story coming form the BBC. Amplify’d from Feeding a supercomputer with news stories could help predict major world events, according to US research. Read more at   See this Amp […]

The Fabric of Peace According to Netayahu

After having the  IDF murder Turkish citizens in international waters and kill 5 egyptian police agents. After having killed  500 civilians in Gaza during operation Cast Lead. After having supported the government of the man who repressed and tortured vast numbers of Egyptians for thirty years, Netanyahu seems convinced that it is a criminal act […]

The Price of Lives

It has been claimed by a former Libyan foreign minister that al-Megrahi who was serving time in Scotland for the murder of 243 passengers on board Panam 103 over Lockerbie was released in exchange for an oil contract for British Petroleum. Amplify’d from A former Libyan foreign minister claims the release of Abdelbaset Ali […]

Ireland Presses Vatican

Amplify’d from (CNN) — Ireland stepped up its battle with the Roman Catholic Church over child abuse Sunday, with Justice Minister Alan Shatter vowing to pass a law requiring priests to report suspicions of child abuse, even if they learn about them in confession. Read more at   See this Amp at

On the Strange Relation Between The Israeli Right and Glenn Beck

Undeterred by the fairly regular deployment of old antisemitic arguments to attack its political opponents–including accusing Soros of being part of a (jewish?) world conspiracy and the reformist movement of being fundamentalist a la Al Quaeda–members of the Kneset invited Glenn Beck to hang out with them. Here is a good retelling of this strange […]