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Same-Sex Marriage: Fundamental or Fair Game?

On Tuesday, the same day that Uganda revived its infamous ‘Anti-Homosexuality Bill,’ the state of California announced its ban on same-sex marriage to be unconstitutional. The very next day, Washington legalized gay marriage. Many Americans will view these as two more instances of Western Democracy setting an example of progressivism to the rest of the […]

Honor Killings in Canada

It has been reported that a family of three has been charged with the honor killing of three teenage members of the family and their mother. This is both a cultural and religious problem and it has to be addressed by the political structures where the communities who have seen these crimes take place–muslim by and large–live. […]

The sophistry test: A response to Adam Jacobs

In response to Adam Jacobs’ God Test for Atheist, who makes all sorts of rather crude logical assumptions to impute a hidden commitment of faith to self-proclaimed atheists we would like to offer the following response: Jacobs writes: 1. Would you be willing to sell your parent’s remains for dog food? If you answered no, why? As […]

Branding Europe

A few nights ago I heard Rem Koolhaas talk about the failure of the information strategies of the European Union. There was something slightly surreal–as Americans like to say–about having one of the most notable architects alive show pictures of sparkle-and-glitter alternatives to passports, flags and official catalogues just as the continent seems to be […]

Lawrence O’Donnell Editorial on Police Abuse

copsmsnbcThis is a pretty compelling statement about what most of us have known for long. American police departments have become loose hordes of brutes who are allowed to run wild in cities and towns. The lack of oversight and proper criminal investigations–let alone punishment–helps to protect these criminals and gives them enormous space to harass […]

Arrested for Wearing a Mask in New York

Of the many dormant laws and ordinances by which American authorities can arrest citizens there is a little known law against covering your face in public spaces. The law is dormant and it is normally not enforced. Looking for a possible excuse to arrest demonstrators in Wall Street, the NYPD detained a group of men […]