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The Likud and Hammas: Bedfellows

Meshaal’s inflammatory speech  was just what Netanyahu needs to guarantee his reelection as well as what Meshaal needs to maintain his popularity in the face of the UN vote which has revived the political fortune of Mahmoud Abbas. Hamas and the Likud-Israel Beiteinu coalition are truly bedfellows who need each other to survive and they are perfectly […]

Almost Everyone Wins in Gaza

The Ceasefire in Gaza seems now official and Hillary Clinton will get credit for it. Netanyahu got most of what he really wanted, namely, a better shot at his own reelection and a discovered check against Abbas and the PA, who are now seen as even more feckless in the eyes of the Palestinian people. […]

The Fundamental Right to Blasphemy

to Munther Al-Sabbagh and Angie Bayouk When as a response to Hillary Clinton’s call for governments in Arab countries to defend foreign embassies from the mob, the Prime Minister of Egypt called on the US to do all it can to stop insults against Islam, I wondered which forms of offense were the ones that he […]

TRS Interviews Karsten Voigt (Part 1)

In Berlin, ethics has been compulsory for high school students since 2006, while religion has been offered as an optional course. A few years ago, in 2009, Germany’s capital found itself confronted with the question of whether ethics courses should be compulsory for Berlin high school students, while religion classes remained optional or whether students […]

It’s not real blood! Yet.

Under the impression that Dirty Harry is a real person, the endlessly amusing ladies and gentlemen of the  GOP unwittingly invited Clint Eastwood to address their national convention. They may live to regret it but who knows. Today, to the Eastwood’s strange display of senile dementia as a form of political entertainment, Chuck Norris added […]

Günter Grass Banned from Israel.

This is how Israel will silence the critics it cannot bully: “Grass’ poems are an attempt to guide the fire of hate toward the State of Israel and the Israeli people, and to advance the ideas of which he was a public partner in the past, when he wore the uniform of the SS,” Yishai […]

Günter Grass hat recht

Günter Grass hat größtenteils recht und selbstverständlich er ist kein Antisemit. Und wenn er einer wäre, dann wäre es sicherlich nicht sein aktuelles literarisches Unterfangen, welches ihn als solchen entlarven würde. Vielmehr zeigt der bizarre Krampf der deutschen Presse wie erschreckend effektiv die israelische Maschinerie damit war, eine allgemeine Akzeptanz für die politisch perverse Verschmelzung […]

Defending Gunter Grass

Gunter Grass is right and, of course, he is not an anti-Semite. If he is, it is certainly not his most recent literary endeavour (here you can find the atrocious translation of his poem ‘What must be said’) that makes such a fact explicit. Rather, the bizarre paroxysm of the German press, political cadres and […]