The Radical Secularist

What rights are we talking about?

This article was published in Argentina’s Cronista Comercial on April 29, 2010 dedicated to my student AB While the legal battles over the status of gay marriages continue to rage on newspaper covers and TV screens, it is probably important to remind ourselves what are the stakes in this discussion. At this time the debate […]

Atheism is Never Fundamental Though Religions Always Are.

In the face of what is now being called “New Atheism” several authors–mostly among progressive religious communities–seem to have found a new strategy for defending what continues to be the unwitting defense of pietistic dogmatism: equate the new radicalized atheism with religious fundamentalism. One of the last salvoes fired by the progressive believers can be […]

What is a Jewish State?

It has been often argued that Israel as a Jewish state does not grounds its formulation of political identity on theological principles. One of the ways in which defender of the state go about doing this is showing that legal departures from the Halachic principles–Jewish religious jurisprudence based on testamental sources and Talmud–and that a […]

Patenting the human map

As CNN reports, the ACLU has initiated legal actions against the Patent and Trademark Office, Myriad Genetics and the University of Utah Research Foundation to cancel the grant of a patent for a pair of genes, which appear to be responsible for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. Holding the patent means that the holder are […]