The Radical Secularist

The Moosbrugger Defense: On Poor Reading Habits, Primitivism and Expiation of Social Violence

As it often happens, unsolicited wisdom from academic luminaries appears on my Facebook wall indecently exposing the stream of the collective consciousness of my acquaintances and my acquaintances’ acquaintances. The perverse virtue of the platform consists now of washing upon my shores the intellectual intermittence of those far away with a strange aspect of unsolicited intimacy. […]

You Do Have Something to Hide. The NSA Knows What You Did Last Summer…and Last Night Too.

Juridical Hyperinflation, Extradition Treatises and Prosecutorial Abuse Nobody knows for sure how many laws populate the American legal system but with congress engrossing its folios by an average of 55 federal laws a year yielding an approximate total of 5,000 federal crimes and somewhere around 300,000 violations your possibilities for malfeasance are just about endless. […]

The Arab Spring Comes to Turkey

The Arab Spring continues For the last five days, Turkey has been experiencing a revolt the likes of which have not been seen for long while. Fueled by the vicious assault by the Turkish police force, a humble and peaceful protest against the destruction of trees in the city center of Istanbul transformed into a […]

The End of the Academic Orgy: Incest, Coprophagy and a Few Cases of Necrophilia for Good Measure

In plain sight and shamelessly exposed stand the ravished bodies of the American universities, brothels where administrations grow like cancers, the inane product of clientelism and the demise of thought are celebrated. The pictures have been revolting but  hidden from view. They no longer are. There are two assets to an administrator: the student and the incompetent faculty. […]

Memo to the NRA

A week and two days after the Newtown shooting, the NRA reiterated its call for armed security in all schools. Wayne LaPierre explained on friday that “”the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun”. Really? Well, here is the memo to Mr. LaPierre: Columbine had an […]