It’s not real blood! Yet.

Under the impression that Dirty Harry is a real person, the endlessly amusing ladies and gentlemen of the  GOP unwittingly invited Clint Eastwood to address their national convention. They may live to regret it but who knows. Today, to the Eastwood’s strange display of senile dementia as a form of political entertainment, Chuck Norris added his rugged voice and equally rugged intellect–the word may be excessive here–and pointed out that an Obama reelection would bring about “a 1000 years of darkness” and, to wit, he is not talking about shortages in electric energy. This, you see, is the reasons why actors are not script-writers.

Ok, let’s settle this. Actors are not the sharpest blades in the box. Because language at times seems to be a challenge to them, they spend their lives regurgitating lines that other people have thought and make them say. They seem to insist in claiming as towering achievements of civilization the striking of the appropriate pose or posture to convey the most basic of human behaviors and to feign surprise, sadness or sorrow they make a lot of money. These forms of criminality, would make the average Mexican sailor blush and yet, for actors these are sources of pride.

So while it does not necessarily come as a surprise that Chuck Norris explains his political positions in the language of Tolkien or that Clint Eastwood cannot even find the words to threaten an empty chair ( probably a failed Actor’s Studio exercise), it is right-out perverse for an entire contingent of adults  who despite not being able to tell the difference between Dirty Harry and Clint Eastwood insist in organizing themselves into a political party to demand control of an entire nation.

Rita Hayworth used to say, men go to sleep with Gilda and wake up with me. Now we have a nation that may go to sleep with Dirty Harry and wake up in hell.


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