The sophistry test: A response to Adam Jacobs

In response to Adam Jacobs’ God Test for Atheist, who makes all sorts of rather crude logical assumptions to impute a hidden commitment of faith to self-proclaimed atheists we would like to offer the following response: Jacobs writes: 1. Would you be willing to sell your parent’s remains for dog food? If you answered no, why? As […]

Branding Europe

A few nights ago I heard Rem Koolhaas talk about the failure of the information strategies of the European Union. There was something slightly surreal–as Americans like to say–about having one of the most notable architects alive show pictures of sparkle-and-glitter alternatives to passports, flags and official catalogues just as the continent seems to be […]

Lawrence O’Donnell Editorial on Police Abuse

copsmsnbcThis is a pretty compelling statement about what most of us have known for long. American police departments have become loose hordes of brutes who are allowed to run wild in cities and towns. The lack of oversight and proper criminal investigations–let alone punishment–helps to protect these criminals and gives them enormous space to harass […]

Arrested for Wearing a Mask in New York

Of the many dormant laws and ordinances by which American authorities can arrest citizens there is a little known law against covering your face in public spaces. The law is dormant and it is normally not enforced. Looking for a possible excuse to arrest demonstrators in Wall Street, the NYPD detained a group of men […]

David Brooks Individual Responsibility to Individual Rights

So you may still have some faint memory of David Brooks who we have accused of being an ignoramus and who once upon a time looked like a timid conservative with a uncontrollable bladder. This conservative–kosher enough for liberal consumption–who dabbled recently in moral psychology , philosophical ethics and macroeconomics has now decided to try his hand at […]

Netanyahu Goes to the UN

In an attempt to stop the Palestinian bid, Netanyahu is heading to NY to deliver the speech the same day that Abbas is expected to ask the body for state recognition. Apparently his plan consists in telling the truth to anyone who will listen. This comes after the Mr. Lieberman threatened any attempt for state […]

Paul Krugman’s Shame and Mine

Reading Paul Krugman‘s piece about 9-11 one merely gets the sense that this kind of statement in a major paper is long overdue. As unfashionable as it was to think it, let alone say it, it could escape nobody’s attention that the career of Bill O’Reilly, Michelle Malkin, the Fox mob and many of the […]

The God of the Week

It seems that a supercomputer fed with 100 million local media articles was capable of predicting (post factum) world events. Here is the story coming form the BBC. Amplify’d from Feeding a supercomputer with news stories could help predict major world events, according to US research. Read more at   See this Amp […]