According to the Pope Gay Marriage Limits Catholic Religious Freedom.

Yahoo news reports:

Benedict did not explicitly mention it, but the bishops have complained their religious freedom is eroding in the face of growing acceptance of gay marriage and attempts to marginalize faith.
The pope said many bishops believe that new laws make it difficult for them to object to what they consider “intrinsically evil practices.”

So it seems that a clear conflict of principles has been asserted. This was something that the more perspicuous members of the Catholic Church had tried to above but here is Ratzinger making it explicit. The rights of those considered deviant inflict on religious freedom. These means that the freedom entailed in rights of sexual minorities cannot be achieved simultaneously than religious freedom. This should help to draw the line in the sand more clearly. We would like to suggest that if the equality of rights in the face of the law, in this case, the acceptance gay marriage, amounts to the reduction of religious freedom, then religious freedom–at least certain forms of it–will clearly have to go.

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