On sexual harassment: the accusation is the proof

As anyone with a functional neural system and a moderate acquaintance of western practices can understand, this photo depicts a semi-sexualized version of the perhaps just-as-inexcusable “bunny years”.

The reading of this image as an episode of sexual harassment cannot be but an expression of mendacity deployed for the sake of political gain and assertion of collective power. Traditionally, those shouting witch are either preachers or owners of black cats who fear being one day fed to the flames. But the charge of witch at least benefited from a legal standard and a method for adjudicating the charge. Trial by ordeal was considerably more reasonable than what we are seeing the American public engage in these days.

Sexual harassment is a non-legal specter which does not belong in the books, does not have a standard and can be hurled, adjudicated and enforced by the very same indvidual and its cohorts and allies. “Sexual harassment” violates every principle of justice that a volterian republic enshrines: Nulla pena sine lege has been handily disposed off and nemo iudex in causa sui has been replaced by omnis causa sua iudicat. An absolute abjuration of the very idea of rights that most of the paladins of ‘justice’ claim to pursue.

Indeed, this and the onslaught of cases of sexual harassment shows the effect that allowing simple accusation as proof can mean. This new version of American puritanical justice is also based on confessional and witnessing. One more way in which the left shows its affiliations to the fundamental religiosity of the American spirit. Fundamentalist, fatuous, naive and dogmatic.

And in this puritan fever, to the left and to the right, all individuals can be imputed with a contravension of a sexual nature. Everything, including “nice dress” (according to the brutes in CNN) can constitute an act of sexual violence. Nothing can save an man (of course, men) accused of the accusation because the accusation is itself the proof so the only viable way to absolution and salvation is grace and that requires both contrition of the spirit and self-fustigation and grace. A grace to which, by nature of the male condition no accused should aspire but which by the purely good nature of the good, one may attain.

As any adult with a sense of history ought to understand, the reign of sexual terror being now enforced by the marauding mob in search of a glance, a gesture or a thoguht deployed in the direction of flesh, is nothing but a new version of the long tradition of American hysteria. Scurrilous, shrieking, oblique, spiteful, backbiting, venemous, malevolent and vicious moralization of desire and its expressions.

But what should be just as grotesque is the usurpation of rape, as the epitome of sexual violence, to which these brutes always remit in order to assert the importance of blingly castigating the mythical sexual villain. The one that now is male and powerful (he would be male and white if it weren’t for the services rendered by Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton).

America has learned nothing from the DSK debacle. It is not merely the prosecution who should have been destroyed and their careers sank forever in the wake of the disaster that destroyed the man’s life and work on an accusation without merit which was enough to give the usual hooligans paraded him in the public square as a convicted rapist. No, it is the rather revolting sound and scent of the public that cheered on and made calculations and assertions about the putative guilt of Strauss-Khan. Because, as I clearly recall an accquaintance saying back then, “there is no way he did not do it”.

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