The Radical Secularist

Doomsday Scenario

There is a serious danger that the GOP faces and which could turn into a political catastrophe. This would be triggered by the entry of a third candidate standing to the left of Trump and quite close to Hillary.  The doomsday scenario is this: Trump wins takes the republican nomination and Hillary becomes the democratic […]

Who are Trump?

Trump is merely a magnet running over the debris of American politics. The piles of ideological detritus that dot the political landscape of the country make claims of political identity that seem often improvable and have been for a long time. For instance, identity politics of various shades dresses itself in progressivism while libertarianism claims […]

How Donald Trump will actually save America

Sophia Tesfaye has said in a Salon article that “Trump is radicalizing his followers”. This is just another example of the bad habit of the apologists of American politics to invert the order of explanation to protect the debacle that the American body politics is from seeing the shadow of its now morbidly obese underbelly.     […]


On the Photo of Aylan Kurdi and the Political and Moral Duty to Shock

Traditionally, memorialization has been a subdomain of history and, understandably, the artifacts of memorialization have had the impersonal enormity of the epic narration of history. Monuments are particularly good at showing the underlying moral tones of the national articulations of history. Elevated in statuesque immortality and materially magnified for the naked eye, the men of […]

Trumping the Republican Party

I think you may have misconstrued Donald Trump’s political project. Donald Trump is a performative reductio ad absurdum of the GOP’ as a political project.  And, as it turns out, the argument is devastatingly powerful. Trump has beaten liberal America at the game that, for at least two decades, it wanted most to win. He […]

The Moosbrugger Defense: On Poor Reading Habits, Primitivism and Expiation of Social Violence

As it often happens, unsolicited wisdom from academic luminaries appears on my Facebook wall indecently exposing the stream of the collective consciousness of my acquaintances and my acquaintances’ acquaintances. The perverse virtue of the platform consists now of washing upon my shores the intellectual intermittence of those far away with a strange aspect of unsolicited intimacy. […]